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“This is a typical case where the NHS fails to diagnose a patient’s health problem properly and how I can help” – David

Kelly Culver came to the Hipkiss Clinic last January and gave this testimonial :

As the NHS seems to be doing nothing for me, even after months, I decided to visit David Hipkiss last night after struggling to sit down, let alone walk.

Today my body feels like it’s free and it’s all thanks to Hipkiss Clinic. The NHS had overlooked or laughed in my face when I said my pelvis and leg were twisted, even though you could visibly see it! I even got an answer about my wrists and hands, something which the NHS have ignored about me for 6 years!

David’s technique may be unique, but it works and he finds the real underlying problems, when the NHS barely scratched the surface! For anybody with sports injuries or chronic pain issues, I couldn’t recommend David highly enough.