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Sports injury to energy pattern reprogramming

Physical manipulation
to energy connection treatment

Many of David’s patients just can’t believe his method of treatment, most just say “Amazing!”

Effective For:

Neck and Shoulder Chronic Pain

I was in a RTA back in 2006 and suffered a AC joint disruption and was off work for 4 months. I had endless physio, sports massages and steroid injections nothing seemed to help relieve the pain. David was able to pin point the area of pain and now finally I don’t take pain killers and for the first time in 10 years I can sleep on my right side.

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Pelvis Imbalance

I decided to visit David Hipkiss last night after struggling to sit down, let alone walk.

Today my body feels like it’s free… The NHS had overlooked or laughed in my face when I said my pelvis and leg were twisted… For anybody with chronic pain issues, I couldn’t recommend David highly enough.

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Long Standing Back Pain

I have visited every shade of back man under the sun. In a word – rubbish. David, on the other hand, has sorted a very long standing problem in a unique way. Whatever it is that David does goes way beyond relieving a bit of lumbar discomfort. He rebalances you, he connects you back to the you that once you were. I am in awe.

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Sport's Injury

As a team GB athlete and British Champion Powerlifter/record holder keeping my body at it’s peak is of prime importance for me. After sustaining an injury in my shoulder which made training impossible and typical physio was not helping I came accross Dave’s fantastic approach to healing. Within minutes Dave had located the problem and solved the issue. I was amazed at the results and was back into my extreme training program

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Prolapsed Disc

This man is amazing. Sunday I was laying on the floor at my sisters crying. Suffering with a prolapsed disc for 3 weeks getting progressively worse. Couldn’t walk, sit and in constant pain.

One session and I’m 95% back to normal!
I’ve managed to fly to Ireland for work which for me is nothing short of a miracle. I can’t thank you enough

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Allergies and Lifestyle

David told me several things that my body was saying to him no one ever told me, such as the need for probiotics and it not liking white bread amongst many other important insights.

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Had an open Channel D with Dave last night. It never ceases to amaze me how he accurately pinpoints problem areas in the body and equally resolve them with the right course of required therapy. I’m buzzing this morning and in a great frame of mind. I can highly recommend his services. Understand though he is a one off and very efficient at what he does.



Keep the faith in these trouble times (Coronavirus) – I had a remote treatment for headache et al… Today it’s all gone! Thank you so much David Hipkiss 


South of France

David helped me to solve my  ankle pain. It was stiff for weeks since I twisted it getting out of the car. 
Honestly he truly knows where it hurts and where muscle tension is. He also charged my Crystal. So I can continue healing myself at home.  I can not recommend David enough. He truely has a gift.


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