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David Hipkiss

In 1957 I was born with a birthmark on my brain, an Anterior Venous Malformation on my left frontal lobe to be precise. Although this was not to be discovered until later life.

From the age of seventeen I was a professional drummer, until fifteen years later I badly hurt my back. This put me out of action for 3 years. After my 3 year recuperation I began my journey into healing, firstly qualifying in muscle therapy and through the first few years qualifying in other muscle therapies.

From 1991 to 1995 I studied Chiropractics, graduating as a fully qualified Chiropractor under Hugh Corley at the Whitney College, Oxford.

After my graduation I set up the Deal Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic in Deal, Kent.

In 2002 I became ill and the birthmark on my brain was discovered, as this blood vessel network had overdeveloped so much it became life threatening.

On the 2nd of January 2003 I had my first Brain Surgery, Radio Therapy in the Stereotactics Department, at the Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. After one month recuperation I was back treating my own patients at my clinic in Deal.

Unfortunately I needed a second procedure on the 8th June 2007, this was to be the last.

In 2008 I qualified in Koren Specific Technique (KST) a diagnostic binary biofeedback Technique from Ted Koren DC Chiropractor from Philadelphia USA, Kevin Keta was also one of the teachers.

The following year 2009 I was invited back to help teach with Ted Koren and Kevin Keta.

In 2009 I had what I can only describe as an awakening, at Bramble Tye Ruin. This is where my energy connection and communication ability started.

Since my awakening, at Bramble Tye Ruin, I have been able to communicate subconsciously. As a result of this, I no longer decide what is needed for the patient. Instead I ask subconsciously, what they need, and subconsciously they answer.