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Hipkiss Technique by David Hipkiss DC

The Hipkiss Clinic treats patients using my revolutionary Hipkiss Technique

The first thing you will appreciate is there is no ‘cracking’, ‘popping’, twisting or turning of your joints. The second great advantage is that you do not have to remove any of your clothing and many of the adjustments during the treatment occur with you standing or sitting.

This technique is a gentle yet very powerful treatment. Patients often notice spectacular changes from the first visit.


gently, effectively and quickly find your body for subluxations; wherever in your body they happen to be. This includes the spine, cranial (head), TMJ, (jaw), hips, sternum, ribs, femur, shoulders, feet, hands etc.

If a body part is out of alignment, even slightly, the body will give ‘binary neurological feedback’.

A lot of the time I pick this up assessing you before physical contact this is “Hipkiss Technique”

Sometimes I will use “Koren Specific Technique” and place my hands on the base of your skull, (this is the Occipital Bone). When the body part is challenged, i.e. moved ever so slightly if there is a problem the occipital bone will drop slightly to the left. This is known as the Occipital Drop, (OD).

The ArthroStim® Instrument.

ArthrostimUsing the ArthroStim® allows precise corrections or adjustments in a faster time, and these adjustments will generally hold for longer durations.

The ArthroStim® generates a very gentle pulse/force to your body, these “Taps” 12-14 per second in every cycle.

With the Treatment there is no cracking, bending, pulling, pushing or twisting.

I use some different attachment sleeves to the ArthroStim®, to help me correct any type of subluxation, of the body.

At my clinic I have taken special training, with the use of the ArthroStim®. The Instrument – specialized in its design, to be able to deliver a low specific amount of force to any part of the body to realign subluxations.

When a subluxation occurs in the body, a mechanical imbalance from the nervous system can interrupt the flow of energy, and internal information.

The Arthrostim – to me it’s like an extension of my hand, a gentle but very powerful treatment.

The Sphenoid

Location of the sphenoid boneSphenoid is Latin for ” Butterfly ” , The wings of the sphenoid are gently felt behind the eye, they may sublimate forward, backwards and in some cases even superiorly or inferiorly.
Subluxation between the sphenoid and the Occipital, both these bones of the cranium affect each other, due to their close alignment.

In most cases when there is subluxation in the sphenoid, this imbalance will cause a subluxation to the occipital which is the bone at the lowest part of the back of the head.

Location of the Sphenoid


Sphenoid (yellow) – Occipital Bone (purple)

The Sphenoid and the junction link to the Occipital Bone. The Sphenoid is the Yellow Bone; they join/ link at the Sphenobasiliar junction {SB}.

After a patient’s sphenoid has been adjusted most patients will feel a sense of lightness – maybe the feeling of walking on air- they say. Sometimes they mention that their eye sight seems sharper and much clearer.
Headaches and migraines may decrease and some chronic problems may go into remission.

Sphenobasiliar junction

Detail of the Sphenobasiliar Junction

Also moodiness and Depression will improve and the patient feels a sense of calming, and the relaxation of the nervous system is often mentioned.

What can a subluxated “Sphenoid” do to me?

When the sphenoid is subluxated it may cause many physical and mental problems.

Depression – Imbalance – Endocrine disturbances – Migraines – Headaches – problems with Taste and Smell – Hearing abilities and Speech – Disturbing of movement, Trembling – The regulation of Temperature – Memory disturbances – Intracranial pressure – Brain Fog – Insomnia – Lacrimal Glands and Nasal Glands – Double Vision Visual Problems – Tinnitus – also disturbances of the Vagus Nerve.

Part of the eye socket is made up of the sphenoid bone, and that’s why a subluxation to this area may be one cause of vision, nasal and other relative problems. Headaches/migraines which may be referring from the eyes may also be a pointer in the direction of the “Sphenoid”.

“Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee” (Mohammad Ali)

The Panic Pattern

“Flight or Fight” response from the body, also known as the Panic Pattern.
In our lifetime, we may have some Frightening and sometimes scary moments when shock is in control of the system, life or death situations when we may have to make a sudden impulse reaction, in times of danger we get two options.

1. Confront the threat – and fight.
2. Avoid the threat – retreat to flight.

All of a sudden we can run much faster, jump and climb much higher, our body can now hit / strike with more force, our eyes can see far better, and our hearing is so much more acute.
We think, observe and also focus our mind so much faster than we did some moments before. Now our bodily functions change to permit the person / animal to be much lighter on their feet for speed and faster mobility.

The heart rate pumps 2-3 times faster and our skin colour may change to pale.
The body has an increase of sweat – which in turn cools the muscles, this helps their efficiency.

In our day-to-day lives, most of us at some point will become “stressed”, from the home, from the work place, confrontations and interactions from other people, driving, moving homes.

Many of these options we just can’t get away from. “We live them”.

When the Coccyx moves into the forward position the Meninges tighten over the brain and also the spinal cord, preparing the body for the Battle. This is often seen amongst canines, before any confrontation one may submit to the dominant dog.
The tail goes anterior, the Sternum or breastbone moves superior, so to incorporate much better protection for the heart and lungs.

Xiphoid Process

Xiphoid process gone anterior

Xiphoid Process: If the Coccyx and the Sternum have moved the probability of anterior movement of the Xiphoid Process may have occurred.

These three modes of subluxation will be preventing the body’s physiology from returning to normal.

After a panic pattern treatment the patient may feel increased energy levels as the body is no longer in the locked response.

The Hump Pattern

So what is a Hump Pattern?

The Upper Thoracic Hump is just as common with younger people as with the older generation.

Some humps you just may not see, but others can be quite large.

Some can even have an effect on the heart, on the lungs and even the Thyroid.
It can effect lose of height and lung conditions. It can give referral pain from Arms, hands, fingers, wrist, shoulder pain – which may include tingling and some numbness.

You could call it the ‘Nerve Sensation Pattern’.

The Hump Pattern can cause Vertebral problems; in the neck – mid – lower back. Hip and Pelvic problems including ‘Sciatica’ (a pain in the butt!!)

Many patients with a hump pattern find it makes their neck, shoulders and upper thoracic very stiff and can cause inflammation at T1, T2 and T3.

Thank goodness the hump can now be corrected in a very gentle way using the ArthroStim®.


heart-fieldThere is an amazing result from the Hipkiss Technique when dealing with the healing properties of ‘retracing’. After treatment for cranial subluxations there is a healing process that occurs when old emotional or physical energies including pain and other symptoms become surface related – after adjustments have been made.

Some patients can suppress old toxins and after treatment these will start to resurface. A ‘cleansing’ reaction may happen, usually only for a short time.
Retracing may begin 2 -3 days later, maybe in a dream like state, when the patient is in the pattern of sleep. Your mind and body together linked are always there to help the healing process. Treatments can be quite an emotional experience for some patients.

Patients may experience kinds of ‘flash backs’ as there is a release of trapped energy which the body has stored. Some call this unwinding.

PAR Progressive Abreactive Regression is a similar term to retracing, used by Psychotherapists.

Retracing can be used to help co-ordination, depression, incompetence levels, feelings, thoughts, and all that process. Retracing helps the body to adjust and re-balance.

Many medicines can suppress and hide symptoms, retracing gets old energy blockages flowing and aids to a healthy patient.

How will I feel after

We are all different and this effects us in various ways. But particular common responses are a feeling of lightness and well-being. As well as their structural changes feeling easier or often completely healed, patients can have an emotional release and be able to breathe more deeply.

Some people feel as though they have completed a work out, others report improved eyesight and greater peripheral vision. You may experience none or just a few of the above. Please take note and report back to us over the next few days following your treatment.