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I’m a builder and father of Two

I went to see David Hipkiss many years ago (about 1998 ) regarding a lower back complaint ,and many times he sorted it very quickly. Then he changed his technique to his own system and to be brutally honest I thought he was bonkers and then for years stayed well clear ( although saying that some of the things he got correct blew my mind but I was still in denial of this unexplained to me technique)

So back to recently
I have been very ill for a number of years with a mystery illness that has made my life miserable beyond comprehension .
Back in 2010 I was happy fit and healthy and then BANG! I felt like I’d been hit in the face with a baseball bat with no reasons why. The pain was under my left eye in my cheek. Constant discharge affecting my ear, throat, eye and mouth with the skin removing its self on my left side of tongue
Anyway to cut a long story short, Id had 38 doctors appointments, I paid for my own CT scans as I was told I was mentally ill.
I was referred by my GP to maxi facial but nothing detected

Then my dentist referred me as he wasn’t happy with the result and yet again nothing found.
I’ve had teeth removed, Root canals fitted, Cameras in the face and throat, Scepticemia blood poisoning
Even though I was told it was a mental disorder….
Anyway I could keep going but you get the picture, bad situation
The doctors told me in the end to go away as there was nothing they could do and had no idea.
I was really really really low!

So after trying everything and more, I contacted David!
A last chance saloon really. And sadly for me a last resort ( I wish I’d contact you David 5yrs sooner)
As I was sceptical of his technique and still do not understand it.
I messaged him can I book an appointment/ consultation?
And was instantly messaged back…. What happened 5 yrs 3months 13days etc etc
Nail on the head! And I have no idea how he got that right!
We spoke on the phone and I was very sceptical still but David told me to give nothing away and he would tell ME! He hit all the nails on the head AND I AM A MAN OF SCIENCE and am still in amazement.
I have now had two 1hr treatments with David and BAM! my face is better and symptoms have gone, I feel happier, have tons more energy and am feeling much more positive about the future as crikey it got me down. Suffering in silence with most of the time virtually no visible symptoms!

I have no idea how David managed this as the treatment seemed so tame and gentle.
I felt again that it may be not physical enough, but I was really wrong.

Happy, Amazed, and very grateful. What a difference for the better.

David’s treatment, using his Hipkiss Technique has made myself, and my young family’s lives much better.

Thank you David