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After a skid and a crash to the ground on my bike on Sunday (I was nearly home-thank goodness) I was left with some twisted ribs and neck and lumber muscle pain. The wonderful David Hipkiss had offered a free session or two with him after the ride so I took up his offer this afternoon. I spent an hour at the David Hipkiss Clinic.

Clinic is a too formal word for his practice as his style is like nothing else I have ever experienced. I went through the usual motions of telling David my past health history my medication (From the stroke 8 years ago) etc… Then I asked if I needed to take my shirt off- so he could start the treatment…no need David asked my body where the problems were and used a technique completely new to me – the only way I can describe his technique is like a medium asking your body where the problem is. I could hear David physically asking my body but only he could hear the answers. I was unsure whether he was asking me or my body and it took a bit of time to get used to how it works.

I am still amazed that within the hour my ribs had been ‘tapped’ back into position, my muscle pain had eased and that I was able to walk 3 miles home without a single twitch or spasm that I had been experiencing since Sunday afternoon. The other thing that David did this afternoon was to make some more taps (A machine that sends pulses – non painful) into my neck as I twisted it to the left and right. I did yoga last night and could not move my head beyond my right or left shoulder, tonight I can turn my head and look behind me. This is something I have not been able to do for a very long time.
I am due back next week and will be recommending David to many friends. I feel like a miracle was performed this afternoon and my body feels full of wonderful energy and positivity.