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I’ve suffered intermittent pain in my coccyx for 34 years, since a trampoline accident, made worse by a fall down the stairs at Christmas, resulting in sciatica too. Pain in my knee for 26 years ( Misdiagnosed as osteoarthritis ). Stiffness and pain in neck and rotator cuff in shoulder for 3 years due to a car crash. I’ve suffered migraines for years and was on the 4th day of a severe one when I called David for an appointment.

His unique way of finding and relieving the symptoms is mind blowing. I walked out of his clinic pain free and able to look over both shoulders like an owl. I’ve also suffered from IBS for 20 years, my immune system has gone into overdrive this year and caused me to have many more intolerances and allergic reactions to foods etc, causing permanent bloating, rashes and itching to my face and scalp, acid reflux.

Its been 10 days since I saw him, almost all symptoms have gone. I feel calm, positive, less anxious and feel like a new woman. Even my husband has noticed… I’m no longer snappy and more like the woman he met 20+ years ago.

The world could do with many more gifted people like David.