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I first met David at a band practice about two years ago, I was in a lot of lower back pain as I suffered with Perthes disease and I was told that only surgery would relieve the pain I was in. this amazing person (David) could see I was suffering and pulled me to one side and offered me a quick treatment, so he sat me on a stall and started to do his thing. about 10-15 minutes later he asked how I felt ? so I sat there thinking you have hardly done anything to me I feel the same but as I stood up I was truly amazed for the first time in a very long time I was pretty much pain free and this was only in 10-15 minutes. Since that night I have been to see David a few times when the pain became unbearable and the tablets were no longer working, I have had the the full hip replacement now that was causing the referred pain but looking back I really don’t know how I would have coped without David’s healing hands. I am so glad that I met David Hipkiss that night I have and I would recommend his services to anyone that is in pain. He really is a top guy.