Healing a shoulder chronic pain following acromio clavicular joint disruption

Ranjit Kaurdhaliwal came to the Hipkiss Clinic after years of neck and shoulder suffering following an Acromio Clavicular joint disruption

I’ve seen Dave a few times mainly because of a painful neck and shoulder.
I was in a RTA back in 2006 I suffered a AC joint disruption and was off work for 4 months. I had endless physio, sports massages and steroid injections nothing seemed to help relieve the pain. In 2009 I had surgery to stop the impingement, this helped a little but still after further physio, massage and then in 2014 more injections I contacted David. He was able to pin point the area of pain and now finally I don’t take pain killers and for the first time in 10 years I can sleep on my right side.
David has also helped me combat sugar cravings , help me with my gastric reflux and got rid of a nasty migraine while he was treating me for something else.
I can describe how David works he doesn’t ask you questions he asks your body almost and is thus able to help heal you. I highly recommend David to anyone who is suffering, he’s pretty amazing at what he does. Your only regret will be that you didn’t contact him sooner.