David might just change your life!

After over 20 years of not understanding what’s going on in my body, I now finally know! And that is due to David. David’s unique way of working amazed me and after each session I feel a sense of peace and well being. The advice David has given me had been invaluable. If you’re struggling with your health and other things haven’t worked I can highly recommend David. He might just change your life! 


Not only David dealt with my back issue, he identified other areas where I had injured myself years ago…

I fell on a wet decking; landed on my back early march..very painful…I went to see David; and what an amazing experience…not only did he deal with my back issue; he identified other areas where I had injured myself years ago… example a quad bike accident… David is a gifted healer and uses holistic techniques to put you back on track. Deserves this mention. Give him a call; he helped me no end. Thank you David Hipkiss!

Irene Macgregor

David’s unique way of finding and relieving the symptoms is mind blowing

I’ve suffered intermittent pain in my coccyx for 34 years, since a trampoline accident, made worse by a fall down the stairs at Christmas, resulting in sciatica too. Pain in my knee for 26 years ( Misdiagnosed as osteoarthritis ). Stiffness and pain in neck and rotator cuff in shoulder for 3 years due to a car crash. I’ve suffered migraines for years and was on the 4th day of a severe one when I called David for an appointment.

His unique way of finding and relieving the symptoms is mind blowing. I walked out of his clinic pain free and able to look over both shoulders like an owl. I’ve also suffered from IBS for 20 years, my immune system has gone into overdrive this year and caused me to have many more intolerances and allergic reactions to foods etc, causing permanent bloating, rashes and itching to my face and scalp, acid reflux.

Its been 10 days since I saw him, almost all symptoms have gone. I feel calm, positive, less anxious and feel like a new woman. Even my husband has noticed… I’m no longer snappy and more like the woman he met 20+ years ago.

The world could do with many more gifted people like David.

I am feeling more relaxed, physically, than I have felt for a long time

Roger Goodban is one of my new patients at Hipkiss Clinic and this is what he said after his first session with me:

“Just wanted to say how amazed I am by one session at the clinic. I am feeling more relaxed, physically, than I have felt for a long time and have slept so well since the treatment. Not really sure what he did as it didn’t seem to be that much but the results so far are very very encouraging… never had treatment like it so will be going back for sure… Thanks David its very much appreciated”

How David help me regulate my medical prescription drugs to minimize the side effects on my body?

Pamela Bryant is one of my regular clients and I help her regulate her medical drugs intake. This is her testimonial:

Having practically lived with prescription drugs most of my life, they have helped a lot. But now I’m learning that not all of them are liked by my body.

Since visiting “Dr” Dave first 6 or 7 years ago, he has also helped me live with and combat the aches and pains which seem to be with me constantly. He can give me information as to the effect drugs have on me good or bad. Now my family visit him on a monthly basis, often more.

Well worth it.
I wish there was someone like him around when I was young!

Healing a shoulder chronic pain following acromio clavicular joint disruption

Ranjit Kaurdhaliwal came to the Hipkiss Clinic after years of neck and shoulder suffering following an Acromio Clavicular joint disruption

I’ve seen Dave a few times mainly because of a painful neck and shoulder.
I was in a RTA back in 2006 I suffered a AC joint disruption and was off work for 4 months. I had endless physio, sports massages and steroid injections nothing seemed to help relieve the pain. In 2009 I had surgery to stop the impingement, this helped a little but still after further physio, massage and then in 2014 more injections I contacted David. He was able to pin point the area of pain and now finally I don’t take pain killers and for the first time in 10 years I can sleep on my right side.
David has also helped me combat sugar cravings , help me with my gastric reflux and got rid of a nasty migraine while he was treating me for something else.
I can describe how David works he doesn’t ask you questions he asks your body almost and is thus able to help heal you. I highly recommend David to anyone who is suffering, he’s pretty amazing at what he does. Your only regret will be that you didn’t contact him sooner.

How the NHS mis-diagnosed my pelvic problem and how Hipkiss Clinic helped me

“This is a typical case where the NHS fails to diagnose a patient’s health problem properly and how I can help” – David

Kelly Culver came to the Hipkiss Clinic last January and gave this testimonial :

As the NHS seems to be doing nothing for me, even after months, I decided to visit David Hipkiss last night after struggling to sit down, let alone walk.

Today my body feels like it’s free and it’s all thanks to Hipkiss Clinic. The NHS had overlooked or laughed in my face when I said my pelvis and leg were twisted, even though you could visibly see it! I even got an answer about my wrists and hands, something which the NHS have ignored about me for 6 years!

David’s technique may be unique, but it works and he finds the real underlying problems, when the NHS barely scratched the surface! For anybody with sports injuries or chronic pain issues, I couldn’t recommend David highly enough.